Stuttgart — The Automotive Centre of the World

Often known as the cradle of the automobile and purported as the birthplace of the modern automobile industry that finally allowed the world to move on from four-footed horse carriage, Stuttgart is home to some of the most renowned auto manufacturers in the market — Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Bosch, and Mahle, to name a few.


Once Karl Benz, Gottlieb Daimler and Wilhelm Mayback had triggered the automotive revolution by industrializing it in 1887, Stuttgart was already on its way to becoming the bedrock of all innovations in the automotive industry. So much so that the residents remember the region lovingly as “Benztown”, because Mercedes-Benz decided to set its headquarters here. Lease a Mercedes for personal use.

The innovative tension is further increased by the presence of Porsche’s headquarters in the vicinity, and the presence of other automotive manufacturers and designers including Bosch, Mahle, Audi AGVolvo, Busse Deutschland Gmb, and Kässbohrer Gelände-Fahrzeuge AG — all of whom have significant investments in development and production in the region.

The Automotive Demographics

Over the years, Stuttgart has created a world-leading cluster of tightly networked automotive companies and institutions. This has allowed the region to pool the expertise of various manufacturers, engineering firms, service providers, vendors, suppliers, and numerous research institutions, and integrate them to work as a whole.

This cluster always remains at the forefront of deciphering and meeting the challenges of the future. Alternative engines, industrial materials, vehicle safety, energy efficiency, and reduction in harmful emission of gases are some of the problems the teams of experts deal with every day.
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The Automotive, Mechanical, and Green Tech Clusters in Stuttgart

Stuttgart has become the automotive center for the world because it has developed, nurtured, and sustained excellent research and innovation in educational institutes. Stuttgart has established multiple clusters for automotive engineering.

Automotive Engineering

A sound and well-established automotive cluster in the Stuttgart Region is globally recognized as the best thanks to the presence of internationally successful companies and the excellent regional research and educational institutions. Currently, the field is laying emphasis on promotion of sustainable mobility and other initiatives.

Mechanical Engineering

Stuttgart boasts a production technology cluster whose economic agglomeration is of worldwide relevance. The cluster relies on various SMEs and the regional strategy is focused on increasing the capacity of the companies to remain innovative, market relevant, and competitive. As a result, the cluster has become a backbone for aiding the realization and development of various automotive processes.

Green Tech

The green tech cluster is still in the maturing stages in the region and various institutes are working extensively on areas as diverse as solar energy, hydrogen fuel, and other fuel cell technology. This effort is boosted by the presence of various technical universities and institutes that are dedicated to research in the subsectors of renewable energies, prevention of air pollution, waste management, energy efficiency, sustainable mobility, and more.

Concluding Words

Around 110,000 people in the Stuttgart region are employed by the automotive sector, generating nearly 45% of Stuttgart region’s total manufacturing revenues and about 60% of the Baden-Württembergt Region. Add to this the fact that more than 60% of the products manufactured in the region are exported to a world hungry for German precision and quality, and there remains no doubt that automotive manufacturers in Stuttgart have the pedestal of world leaders in the automotive sectors.

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