The Benefits of Car Ownership

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There is more to owning a car than just having it outside your house. People want to feel a sense of convenience in their life, basing it on the fact that they want to wake up any day, at any time and travel to whatever place that they want, with a car that no one needs to ask them a question or limit their movement because they own it.

When you use public transport, what this means is that every time you plan to travel anywhere, you will not have the freedom to plan your time since you have to do things at another persons time. More to that is the fact that most of the time, when you use public transport, it becomes quite hard to get door to door service since you probably wont be the only person in the car. Thirdly, the motivation among public transport cars is not giving you a good drive but money.

Running your own car has a lot of benefits. People own cars for both practical and emotional benefits. At times people may not realise the emotional benefit but it is in fact the main reason why people want to run their own cars as opposed to using public transport.

Practical Benefits of running your own car

the sole practical reason, why a majority of people want to run own cars, is so that they can get the door to door service, without the need of having to use many different cars. Secondly, the cars is available to your service for twenty four hours every day and you can carry anything in your car as long as it fits, without having to worry about misplacing it or someone interfering with it.

Emotional Benefits of running your own car.

Owning a car affects and benefits you emotionally in the sense that; it provides you with a sense of; freedom, control, independence, safety/security as well as a sense of self worth. Above are serious emotional issues that motivate a number of people to want to run their own cars.

General Benefits of running your own car

1 Supports spontaneity

without planning something may come up or you may just get the feeling that you need go somewhere. You will hate it if it happens that there is no car outside your house that you can just have and go anyplace that you want at any time. With a car however, you can travel anywhere spontaneously.

2 Privacy

Public transport does not have the sense of privacy. You sit with random people who could even have communicable diseases like Ebola. Running a personal car allows maximum privacy, you can even make confidential phone calls or do anything in you car.

3 Security/Safety

Your life is in your own hands when you drive your own car. This means that unlike in the public transport where the driver could be driving carelessly, you have a choice to drive at a speed that you feel safe.

4 Flexibility.

Running you own car means that you are totally in control and you have the choice to decide where to stop, the route you will use as well as if to increase the speed or slow down.

The desire to own a personal car mainly is as a result of what people want to achieve both physically as well as emotionally, so that they can go on their daily life according to their own plan.